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2°C Communicating Climate Change

21 September 2015 – 31 October 2015

2°C was an exhibition that invited leading practitioners from across design disciplines to reconsider the public communication of climate change. 


Devised by Disegno magazine, the exhibition featured original work by designers Dominic Wilcox, Ilona Gaynor, Maria Blaisse, Marjan van Aubel, Ross Lovegrove, Neri&Hu, Parsons & Charlesworth, PearsonLloyd, Sam Baron and Universal Design Studio.


2°C argued that design has a valuable contribution to make to the climate change debate. Presenting models, photography, graphics and objects, the exhibition showed provocative and thought-provoking proposals for how design could change public understanding of the issues surrounding global warming.


The exhibition was staged at a time when discussing climate change has never been more pressing. In November 2015 the United Nations hosted its 21st Climate Change Conference, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to ensure that global temperature change does not rise above 2°C, a threshold at which catastrophic climate change will take place. At the current rate of warming, global temperatures will increase by 4 or 5°C by the end of the century.


2°C asked what role design might play in reshaping this future. Could design affect the way we understand the danger confronting us? How can a familiar story be presented in a new way?


Curators Johanna Agerman Ross and Riya Patel.


Photographer Felix Friedmann.

Exhibition Design Universal Design Studio.

Graphic Design Christiechristie and Steven Larkin.

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