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6 Hands

14 January – 19 February 2011

6 Hands is an exhibition of three designers: India Carpenter, Peter Marigold and Ella Robinson. Each works in a very distinct way, but in the pieces selected for this exhibition, favour hand over machine. Whether exploring alternative ways of making, interpreting traditional methods or developing material technique, each shares a commitment to experiment, challenge and innovate.


The Aram Gallery presented a series of projects by these three designers which are indicative of their current working style. We show a segment of their thinking and hand produced work. Critically, the use of the hand by these exhibitors is not done with an ideological stance, but is instead chosen as the medium most appropriate to intention.


In bringing together three designers whose practice is unfamiliar to one another, the gallery presented an exciting case study in our ongoing exploration into how designers think and work. It is through groupings such as this that we are able to see idiosyncrasies and chance parallels with greater clarity. In some instances, these parallels are elementary, such as the use of the geometric shape, but in others, less so. However whether immediately noticeable or obscure, these connections are crucial to our understanding of a designer’s process. 6 Hands presented a series of recent projects, and some works in progress, as varied and compelling approaches to the design process.


Photographer Shira Klasmer

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