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Architecture Prototypes & Experiments

2 August - 1 September 2018

The tenth edition of Prototypes and Experiments looked at the architectural process. We asked a selection of practices to share how they use physical models as part of a design’s development.


The exhibits showed a range of uses for models in practice – not just for presentation, but to explore ideas, evoke the feeling of a space, or arrive at a point of decision making. The models were a mix of massing studies, construction models and façade studies at a range of scales. The exhibition also included other physical artefacts from the design process: colour tests, material palettes, 1:1 mock ups, and prototype elements.


In tune with the gallery’s interest in how designers think, plan and communicate three-dimensionally, an accompanying commentary explained the purpose of each exercise, its meaning to the final work, and how it assisted the designer with making decisions along the way.


This exhibition series has been ongoing at The Aram Gallery since 2008, asking participants from a range of disciplines to show ideas in development and give us an understanding of their creative process.


Participants included: 31/44, Adjaye Associates, alma-nac, dRMM, David Kohn Architects, East, estudio b, Feilden Fowles, HASA, IF_DO, James Macdonald Wright & Niall Maxwell, Mary Duggan Architects, Neri & Hu, Office S&M, Piercy & Company, PUP Architects, Roz Barr Architects, Studio Weave, Tonkin Liu, and vPPR.

Photos: Agnese Sanvito

If you are interested in this subject you may also be interested in the work of the following research group: 

"Architectural models in context: creativity, skill and spectacle" is an AHRC funded research network hosted at the V&A Museum which brings together all those interested in the history, current practice and future of architectural model-making. Its intention is to share knowledge, to take stock of the current state of the field, 
and to identify productive areas for future practice and research. 


This short video showcases the nature of the network and the work we are embarking on with our collaborators. Film production by Eve Allen, Luisa Hilmer and Lisa Rotzinger 


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