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17 February– 14 March 2005

Exhibiting 26 pieces of design, a painting, a jacket and a photography project, Darkness was a show about light. The exhibits were a selection of experimental and new works by various designers including Ron Arad, Gad Charny, Stefano Giovannoni, Gitta Gschwendtner, Ronen Kadushin, Catherine Morland, Kazuhiro Yamanaka, Marti Guixé and Denis Santachiara.


Light holds a strong attraction for designers and artists. Many lighting exhibitions concentrate on the object of lighting, this exhibition looks at the way light is used as a material and explores the transformation that objects undergo when light is switched on. For many designers and artists it is light that brings life to form, and holds a never ending fascination with the way different materials transform in its presence.


Darkness looks at the way light is used as a material. Most of the exhibits in this show were lights, but not all. Playing with the source, the container, the material or the shape, the exhibits all use light as a major component of their design; as a mediator answering the problems of darkness, as a material defining space and volume or as the magical ingredient that adds meaning to objects.

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