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15 September - 25 October 2014

Maria Jeglinska, Lola Lely, Cat Potter, James Shaw, Sophie Thomas, Thor ter Kulve, Kim Thome… 7 bold new designers featured in The Aram Gallery’s newest opening Future Stars?


The Aram Gallery shows new work by these makers as part of our continuing investigation into designers’ process. This new opening highlights a key moment in Aram’s Golden anniversary year in which instead of looking back, we begin to look forward.


We think these designers show a particularly fresh approach and hope they will go on to become future stars. Together they suggest a current moment in contemporary design in which designers strive to establish their studios by carving a unique path. This exhibition pinpoints the innovative ways designers are now thinking about making. Working independently and collaboratively, these selected few have experimented, explored, tried and tested different methods of production, showing a refreshing approach to contemporary design, now.


New work by these 7 is displayed, each piece an example of developed original thinking and breadth of practice. Experiments in footwear, furniture and jewellery exemplify these individuals’ talents for research and self-production.


We use this exhibition to highlight alternative production models, and show our audience how a career can be shaped using exploratory methods. The successes each exhibitor has had is exemplary of these methods as valuable working models.

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