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19 October – 3 November 2007

The Aram Gallery presented Interaphics, a collaboration between design consultancy Osmotronic, directed by Matthew Falla and graphic designers Build and Danny Sangra, these posters explore the concept of interactive print at a time when there is a seemingly unstoppable advance of online media, and many people are questioning the relevance and the longevity of the medium.


Interaphics is a system that connects printed material to a computer using special inks and electronics; to create an entirely printed, touch responsive surface. The technology opens up applications which could revolutionise the worlds of publishing and packaging, seeing a shift from multimedia to “merged-media”.


Danny Sangra presented the world’s first poster EP – combining limited edition artwork and music downloads that can only be accessed by touching the poster’s surface. Michael C Place / Build showed a poster that uses layers of conductive ink and varnish to create a tactile surface that invites the viewer to touch it, rewarding them with delicate and sophisticated, responsive animations.


Interaphics addresses a burning issue in media and graphic design and delivers innovations that are changing the way we interact with information and the way brands communicate with consumers.

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