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Hilos Invisibles (Invisible Threads)

17 September - 27 October 2018

During London Design Festival 2018, The Aram Gallery hosted  ‘Hilos Invisibles (Invisible Threads)’ – an exhibition of new Uruguayan design based on the work of modernist architect Julio Vilamajó.


In 2017, designer Matteo Fogale held a collaborative workshop as part of a residency at the Vilamajó House Museum in Montevideo, Uruguay. The house was designed in 1930 by prominent Uruguayan architect Julio Vilamajó, who with Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer, was a design consultant for the UN Headquarters in New York.


Several technical detail drawings from the house were discovered by Fogale during the residency. These were used as the starting point for seven new designs, developed between Fogale and seven Uruguayan design studios. The exhibition title Hilos Invisibles refers to a connection between the past drawings of the house and the new interpretations by the designers. The exhibition debuted the furniture and lighting projects, and also provided context about the house, workshop, and life of the architect.


The Aram Gallery presented this exhibition in order to engage our audience with first-hand research on materiality, craft and design in an international context. Our continuing aim is to stimulate new and experimental ways of thinking about design.

Photos: Emma Archer

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