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Material Table

12th May – 9th July 2011

“In each architectural proposal, materials play a crucial part within the scenography of the whole - be it the contrast between scale and monumentality, the distinction between conditions at street and roof levels or the continuity of the structural frame.” David Adjaye


Material Table laid bare and presented an alchemy of materials across a range of Adjaye Associates’ projects. In this extensive library, materials are divided and ordered according to their types, quality and property; texture, porous, hard and so on; all vital and mandatory considerations for the architect’s design method. Correlating to a periodic table, the exhibition presented the concept and approach of Adjaye Associates as they relate materials to projects and the natural environment they are surrounded by.


“The exhibition offers a unique perspective of project materiality and composition – the significance and relationship of which is often concealed or overlooked by the observer. This visual presentation provides an alternative insight to architects’ drawings and sketches.” David Adjaye, Principal, Adjaye Associates.

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