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'Let's Play with Chaos' by United Matters

17 September - 28 October 2022

We’re excited to announce a trio of events at Aram for this year’s London Design Festival.  Beginning on Saturday 17 September, The Aram Gallery, Aram Trade and Aram Store will each present an experimental, tactile or striking collection of works set across three corresponding floors of our Covent Garden premises.

The Aram Gallery presents 'Let's Play with Chaos', an exhibition that questions: is chaos necessarily a bad thing?  Curated by London-based design collective United Matters, this experimental group show will explore how chaos has the potential to inform new ways of thinking and inspire radical change.  With works by Aastha Poddar, Akane Kawahara, Carolina Perez Leon, Liene & Kristaps Kazaka, Lisa Kong, Maria Roy Deulofeu, Ricardo Cenedella & Gabriele Lorusso, Oriol Arned, Riina Oun, Riya Kuvavala, Sean T Ross & Brigitte Kock, and Sophie Huckfield & Lucy Hutchinson. With sound by Maël Hénaff and Eliza Collin as contributing curator.

'Vision of the Invisible' by Akane Kawahara of the United Matters collective
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