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Prototypes & Experiments VII (2)

19 July - 17 August 2013

A refreshed, updated installation presenting an experimental domestic interior through prototypes sourced from the studios of emerging designers.


The Aram Gallery continued its exhibition series Prototypes & Experiments showing models and prototypes sourced from the studios of established and emerging designers. This display series focuses on the important role model making plays in a design process and charts the development of an object through its physical, experimental steps.


The Aram Gallery is interested in the way designers think and develop ideas. Designers often make maquettes and experiment with materials as an initial stage in resolving a design problem. They interrogate materials, create scale models of a detail, make and remake. The culmination of these explorations is manifest in the first prototype. That first 1:1 solidifies the design idea in three dimensions and is a vital step for progression – it enables the designer to look and test the functionality of their work.


In this installation of Prototypes & Experiments we offered a fresh perspective on the domestic interior through a variety of prototyped designs. The displayed selection includes pieces of experimental furniture, lighting and ceramics. The value in displaying these works thus is to show our audience the ways contemporary designers are approaching solving design problems specifically for domestic design objects.


Where possible the gallery also displays a 2D sketch as an initial roughing out of the prospective design and some prototyped details. The varied examples selected for this exhibition aim to inspire a broad design audience and members of the general public alike and, show the value in experimentation as a vital component of the design process.


Participants include:
Catherine Aitken, David Amar, Michael Antrobus, India Carpenter, Sebastian Cox,Marina Dragomirova and Iain Howlett, Jennifer Gray, Mike Kann, JiB design studio,Magnus Long, Hugo Passos, Amy Pliszka and Silo Studio.

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