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Prototypes & Experiments XI

18 July - 26 August 2019

The eleventh edition of Prototypes and Experiments looked at the craft involved in the creative process. We invited several craft practitioners to this edition, asking them to share how they work by showing tests, models, mock-ups and experiments. Among their specialisms are ceramic, glass and textiles.


We also looked at how designers and architects use craft techniques in their process. For designers, this might be making initial studies in paper or scale models that go on to become manufactured in larger quantities. For architects, testing and prototyping might be required to resolve a bespoke piece of a larger building project.


In tune with the gallery’s interest in how designers think, plan and communicate three-dimensionally, each exhibitor will present the process of single project. An accompanying commentary will explain the purpose of each exercise, its meaning to the final work, and how it assisted the exhibitor with making decisions along the way.


This exhibition series has been ongoing at The Aram Gallery since 2008, asking participants from a range of disciplines to show ideas in development and give us an understanding of their creative process.


Participants: Acme, Ariane Prin, Charles Holland Architects, Dan Schofield, Dean Brown, Granby Workshop, James Shaw, Jochen Holz, Liliana Ovalle, Lola Lely, Malgorzata Bany, Marie Holm, Natchar Sawatdichai, Robin Grasby, Ruohong Wu, Studio Mutt and Threefold Architects.  

Photos: Adam Scott


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