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Pixelwave Bench

1 - 31 October 2004 

This one-off piece came to life in an attempt to break down the complete movement of liquid into an analytical grid, giving the appearance of solid objects moving individually yet as one. As liquid matter defies definition in numbers such as singles and multiples, the hard-edged objects work in unison to create the impression of fluidity and softness.


Comprised of over 200 wooden blocks, each is individually mounted on vertical interconnected pistons, giving the blocks the ability to travel in a longitude motion. Affected areas send ripples and waves through the rest of the grid, accentuated by the colourful sides of the blocks.


The piece is part of a family of objects that explore the potential for man-made objects to inherit hidden behaviours and reactions, contributing to a more unpredictable, surprising and ultimately more rewarding environment.

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