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Prototypes & Experiments IX

13 July – 19 August 2017

The ninth edition of Prototypes and Experiments showed models, samples, tests and drawings picked fresh from the studio shelves of architects and designers. This exhibition series has been ongoing at The Aram Gallery since 2008, asking participants from a range of disciplines to show ideas in development and give us an understanding of their creative process.


In tune with the gallery’s interest in how designers think, plan and communicate three-dimensionally, each exhibitor presented the process of single project. An accompanying commentary explained the purpose of each exercise, its meaning to the final work, and how it assisted the designer with making decisions along the way.


Unique to this edition of Prototypes and Experiments was a look at architectural drawing as a form of experimentation. We asked an international selection of contemporary architects for a collage, sketch or drawing that shows how they use the medium to communicate and explore new ideas.


Participants included: Assa Ashuach, Conor Taylor, de Allegri Fogale, Fala Atelier, Ineke Hans, Jenny Banks, Louie Rigano & Gil Muller, Map Project Office, Merel Karhof & Marc Trotereau, Monadnock, MOS Architects, Office KGDVS, Opendesk, Point Supreme, Rezzan Hasoglu, Sam Jacob Studio, Samuel Wilkinson, Shin Azumi, Studio Furthermore, Theo Riviere and Zuza Mengham.

Photos: Amandine Alessandra

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