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REPLICA by Studio Furthermore

7 December 2017 - 20 January 2018

The Aram Gallery presented REPLICA, a collection of experimental furniture, lighting and objects by Studio Furthermore. The collection is made using unique methods developed by the studio, which they refer to as the 'lost foam' processes.


Including a standing light, mirror, pots and tables, the collection is made with cast ceramic and aluminium alloy. Each ceramic part is carefully handcrafted out of foam, which during the process, burns away in the kiln leaving behind a one-of-a-kind terracotta copy, or replica. For the alloy process, the foam original is entombed in sand. Molten alloy is poured onto the foam original which in turn vaporizes, leaving behind a metallic copy. In each case an original work is sacrificed and what remains is a replica.


Developing this body of work, Studio Furthermore searched for inspiration in the rocks, earth and mineral ores of Iceland: a shifting landscape of geological processes observable in foamy lava rocks, cooled magma debris, and soils rich in minerals. Also displayed will be series of tests and experiments that bear strong resemblance to these collected samples.

Photos: Amandine Alessandra

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