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Non Linear by Studio Truly Truly

16 September - 18 October 2019

The Aram Gallery presented Non-Linear, a solo exhibition by Studio Truly Truly (Kate and Joel Booy).


The pair, who work across product, lighting, furniture and textile design, were invited by the gallery to think about their creative process. The show gave an insight into how they approach design across different disciplines.


The title Non-Linear refers to how the studio makes connections, joins ideas, and juxtaposes creative techniques to find new solutions. “Our process is not one linear journey from start to finish. We frequently deviate along the way, side-stepping, back-tracking to attack an idea in different ways until we reach a desired destination,” they say.


On show were eight works that describe their diverse design approach, and reflect recent investigations into abstract and multi-use objects for the future living space. These included a: kitchen island topped in brightly glazed lavastone; a sculptural glass screen; and translucent vessels made of resin. The show also featured the work of photographer Pim Top, who responded to a set of starting ‘inspirations’ provided by Studio Truly Truly.


The exhibition was supported by Kvadrat and Really.

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