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Two Liners

25 March – 6 May 2005

Line, surface and volume. Assa Ashuach and Sam Buxton are two independent designers, with interests, philosophies and approaches that are quite different from each other. This double-bill exhibition of furniture, lighting and other products explored a shared sense of inspiration in the drawing process and mutual fascination with aesthetics of technologies.


The use of lines is significant to their work: Buxton uses lines to create meaningful surfaces that explore the human interaction with object surfaces. Ashuach uses lines to create dramatic rounded volumes. They both use a digital translation of their ideas in order to produce the pieces, and the work carries some computer and technology influenced aesthetics, but their relationship with the computing influence as the design philosophies driving the work are individual and different.


Two liners follows the design thinking behind these designers work.


Displaying their respective final degree pieces, Buxton's "Time piece "(1999), and Ashuach "501chair" (2002) the exhibition will explore how the new and experimental work is substantially connected to the earlier starting points. Sam Buxton's experimental furniture included a new chaise longue with medical imaging of human organs as well as line drawings that have not been shown before. Ashuach work included a new fiberglass sofa and tables made with handcrafted moulds for a private collectors villa in southern France, a new flexible wall light and digital line drawings. The exhibition will include drawings and small hanging speakers running soundtracks of the designers describing the pieces.


Two Liners was a continuation of The Aram Gallery’s interest in experimental or new work and hopes to give some insight into aspects of design thinking while supporting upcoming designers.

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