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Walking Chair

2 June – 14 July 2006 

An exhibition of playful products from Austrian design studio, Walking-Chair will opened at The Aram Gallery on the 2 June 2006. Walking- Chair is a design studio and think tank based in the heart of Vienna. Founded by Karl Emilio Pircher and Fidel Peugeot in 2002, the studio recruited architect Silvia Sauermann in 2006 and now works internationally combining design fields such as products, graphics and architecture.


The Walking Chair exhibition looked at a cross-section of Walking-Chair’s growing range of products including a revolving panoramic sofa for bars and public spaces, a round meeting/ dining/ ping pong table, the Supersampler and the Colorspalsh cameras for the world renowned Lomographic society, a range of interesting lighting solutions, a collection of typographic fonts and the studio’s namesake – the Walking-Chair, a chair with remote controlled legs that allow it to be directed across a room.


The exhibition focussed predominantly on the playful Walking-Chair products but also featured an additional selection from the recently established platform for Viennese design – Walking Things – this will include work by studios Lucy.D, BKM and Polka.

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